Since 2002, Mona Van Joseph is famous as Las Vegas’ own Mystic Mona®! She’s the creator of the Dice Wisdom app, hostess of the Psychic View® radio show, and since 2002, licensed in the Psychic Arts through the City of Las Vegas. Mona is considered one of the best Las Vegas Psychic Readers.

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Las Vegas Psychic, Mystic Mona Van Joseph

Though Mona is accomplished in many methods of divination, her specialty is the Tarot. Her favorite deck is the OSHO-ZEN Tarot, not only because of the beauty of the artwork, but also because of the multi-level messages within the cards. Mona does not connect with those who have passed over or predict the future. She will see what’s going on with you, and what is likely to happen if you stay in the same energy. Mona is a Life Intuitive and believes that you have the capacity to transform your life. The best way to predict your future is to create it and Mona will help you recognize your power and potential.