The 9 Day Energy Reset is available on* and This ritual will allow you to relax into a magnified state of awareness and the personal recognition that the Universe is always working FOR you!

You may begin your 9 Day Energy Reset on the 1st, 10th & 19th of any month. This eGuide is simple to follow, yet profoundly powerful. When you follow the ritual as presented, this guide will change your life. Your life is a choice; you can buy that latte’ today, or your can change your life today.

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* offers both the print and eGuide choices.

“Be profoundly grateful for where you are, right now. Consider that you have exactly the perfect foundation to create precisely what you want; from here, from this space. Pragmatically look around you and celebrate what supports your vision, and reject, without hesitation, what does not.”
– Mona Van Joseph